The many faces of Kim Himchan



Alright. Less than a day away. I’m just gonna break down the plans for tomorrow night.

The cake will arrive at the venue sometime between 2 and 3pm.

Large signable banner will arrive around 3pm. Individual banners will arrive at 4pm. We will be walking up and down the line…

once upon a time there was a beautiful girl and even though she was sad she knew that there were people who loved and cared about her and one day she realized how beautiful she was and met someone amazing and the endd!!

That was super nice story! 5 stars! A+! Thank you <3

junhong’s reaction to daehyun saying “shit” 

Jongup and Zelo giving juice to lucky fans in dallas.

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Who wants to tell me a nice loving story with happiness and rainbows and me not feeling sad?

hi babey

Aw hello <3

You're very good at typing words. That's pretty cute. (Does this count as a compliment idek)

Aw thank you :) (if it is meant as a compliment, then it is one)

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make me choose: something / female president // requested by suxgkyu